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Would be a pleasure to round up your 
next event, retreat or yoga brunch
with some special dishes.

When we cook we aim to serve food that makes you happy and nourishes you in all ways. 

Martina has a wide knowledge of TCM and Ayurveda. As a yoga teacher, she knows exactly which kind of food fits best before and after a yoga class. What kind of food you need to have a clear mind and energy; food that doesn't make you super heavy. 


Alessio loves the Italian kitchen and sharing old family recipes.

For him to make a meal special, the key factors are being surrounded by the right people and a nice ambiance.



Both find their way in the menus we create for you. 


That's how we started to cook for brunches, yoga events, teacher trainings, or retreats all around Europe. Slowly we are also asked to join more private events, birthday parties, or celebrations. 


We would be honored to support you in your special event! 



Send us an email to get our folder with all information, our offerings, and packages.

Send us an email to get our folder with all information, our offerings and packages.

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"Martina und Alessio haben uns Kulinarisch bei meinem 30iger mit einem
5 Gänge Menü verwöhnt, was uns und alle meine Freunde sehr begeistert hat!

Sie mussten mit wenig Platz und einer normalen Küche zurechtkommen, was sie hervorragend gemeistert haben. 

Nochmal großen Dank für eure Mühe, es war göttlich! 

Era veramente buonissioma, sono securo che ci vediamo fra poco!"


Nadine Schratzberger

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