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When we cook we don't want to just serve food that makes you happy but nourishes you in all ways. 


We also try to share your values of sustainability, awareness, and organic agriculture.That's why we always include loads of fresh veggies - mostly from local farmers, collect wild herbs by hand or try to follow zero waste and, if possible, make use of the entire plant.


We also believe that simple dishes can become something very special and surprising by combining flavours and the use of high-quality ingredients. 


We are always open and look for producers, start-ups, and companies which share this thought. 


These are some of our partners and friends who support us on our way.

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"What comes from the heart is always an expression of love. This applies to Martina and her retreat kitchen. She offers a modern, colorful and incredible tasty cuisine. Far from the clichè of boring vegetarian and vegan food. Martina sucessfully combines element of Ayurveda and TCM to her very unique style. Homemade fermented products add the perfect finishing touches."


Tina Feitsch

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